Two more Formspring answers.

I wanted to finish the first part of the current request story I am doing before I answered these. I tried to answer them as best as I could.

i wish i was a girl soo soo bad, what can i do?!

Become educated and create a scientific formula that can naturally reverse gender. That way you can be a girl and be rich.

what would be your ideal to look like as a woman?

Of course I would want to look like an incredibly sexy woman. My ideal body would be similar to Denise Milani's 34DDD-19-34 thin figure, long legs, maybe my butt would be a little more rounder than her's. I'd be shorter, maybe 5'4" or 5'6". Long brunette hair framing a pretty face with plump pouty lips. All that with the perfect feminine voice to match my appearance.

If I was to suddenly look like this type of woman, I would want to wear everything I never would as a man. A sexy woman like I described would obviously not wear men's clothes. That would mean feminine clothing ranging from casual to form fitting to the erotic. It would be another way to take advantage of my situation after exploring my new self.