The Curse of the Shower Stall

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"Hey, did you guys hear about why the shower stall at the end of the boys' locker room is always out of order?" asked Patrick to his friends Ryan and Martin.
"No. What is it?" asked Martin.
"Well, they say that eighteen years ago, two seniors named Robert Campbell and Jennifer Baker had sex in that shower stall. The sex became so hot that they broke the knobs to control the water clean off the wall. That was when they were caught by a janitor and later expelled by the principal. It was later discovered that Jennifer had become pregnant, but Robert didn't want to stay with her."
"No way." said Martin in disbelief.
"Yeah, and Jennifer's parents weren't too pleased either. Nobody knows what happened too much after, but Robert mysteriously disappeared. There was also word that Jennifer's parents were some kind of witch and wizard couple and they cursed the male descendants of Robert's family line along with the spot where he took their daughter's virginity. Even though the knobs for that shower stall were fixed, they never worked. Rumor has it the descendant of Robert Campbell can make that stall work again and spread the curse to whoever uses the stall again afterward."
"That's kind of spooky." Martin said, creeped out.
"That is" Ryan finally spoke, faking terror at first before acting serious.
"You don't believe it?" asked Patrick.
"Of course not. That's just absurd."

The three high school seniors argued until both Patrick and Martin dared Ryan to head to the locker room and try to turn on the shower in the back. They specifically dared Ryan based on the fact that Ryan's mother's maiden name was Campbell. Ryan knew for a fact that he did not have an Uncle Robert or anyone from his mother's family named Robert. So Ryan accepted the dare just to shut up Patrick and Martin.

Ryan snuck into the boys' locker room an hour after school. Which was the time of day Robert and Jennifer were rumored to have sex in the story Patrick told earlier. Ryan had his smart phone with him in order to take a video to prove he had attempted to try on the shower. Luckily for him the locker room was empty and no one would question why he was in there.

With the camera recording, Ryan turned on the hot water knob of the shower and was shocked to see water pour out of the shower head. Ryan quickly shut off the water so he wouldn't get wet. Before Ryan could leave he could swear he heard faint echos of what sounded like the moans of a young man and young woman. It was about half a minute later that Ryan was paralyzed and unable to move. His smart phone dropped to the floor as it continued to record. Ryan could feel his arms move against his own accord as his hands placed themselves on each wall of the shower stall.

Ryan's body and school uniform then went under a metamorphosis. His uniform slowly altered from a male one to a female one as his body altered at a much quicker pace. He lost the brown hair from his father side of the family and grew, gaining the red hair of his mother's side of the family. Soon enough Ryan was a feminized version of his former self, the way he would have looked if born female. He had well proportioned breasts along with a vagina, covered up well by the new underwear under the blouse and skirt of his transformed uniform.

Breathing heavy, the new Ryan was stunned at her new body. She wanted to pick up her phone, which had no doubt recording her entire transformation, but she still couldn't move. Just then, with a sudden force, her blouse was ripped open and her panties dropped to the floor.

"Where's my bra?" echoed the voice of a young woman.
"How should I know?" echoed the voice of a young man.
"Hey, what are you two doing!?" echoed the voice of an older man.

With that, Ryan felt she could move again. She knew the voices she had heard were that of Robert and Jennifer being discovered by the janitor. Just like Jennifer, Ryan had a feeling she was n a similar fashion of undress when they had been caught. Buttoning up her blouse and pulling her panties back up, a voice shouted throughout the locker room.

"RUN HOME TO YOUR MOTHER ROBERTA, CLAIR!" said the voices of an elderly couple.

With a terrified scream, Clair picked up her smart phone and ran out of the locker room. She ran past Patrick and Martin who were waiting outside, leaving them completely confused as to why they now knew her to be Ryan. When she arrived home, Clair would have a full respect for tales about curses.


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