Story: Experimental Body & Brain Enhancement Volunteer

I originally intended this to be a caption, but the plot grew into something more and I made it a story instead. I hope you all enjoy it.


"Here goes nothing." thought Douglas.

Douglas approached the counter where the pretty woman stood as cashier. Her auburn hair was in a ponytail and her make up was done in a way to bring out her blue eyes. Her body nicely filled out her uniform, making Douglas notice how well the green apron showed the shape of her breasts.

"Welcome to Starbucks, what can I get for you?" asked the auburn haired woman. Douglas could see her name tag read Marcy.
"I'll take a mocha latte." replied Douglas.
"Anything else?"
"Y-yeah. How about your number?"
"Oh. Uh... Sorry, but you're not my type. One mocha latte coming up." Marcy said, walking away.
"Figures." Douglas said to himself in a low voice.

A few moments later, Douglas saw Marcy return with his coffee and payed in exact change. Leaving the Starbucks, Douglas thought about how hopeless he was. Sipping his latte, a gust of wind sent an old newspaper flying into his face. The hot liquid from the foam cup spilling onto his face, leading to his glasses becoming crooked. With half of his drink gone and spilled on himself, Douglas pulled the newspaper from his face noticing something of interest. An ad for some lab wanting a volunteer for an experimental body and brain enhancement treatment. He couldn't read all the details from the ad since the text had some faded words, but he was able to make out the address and that it would pay ten thousand dollars. Douglas decided to check the place out after he went home and changed into some dry clothes.

At twenty-five years old Douglas wasn't seen as a very fit man. He appeared as a pale, scrawny, and weak nerd to many people. His appearance particuarly didn't appeal to the ladies. So he thought this was a quick and easy opportunity to get a better body and even increase his thinking power. Plus the ten thousand dollars was very appealing since he only made enough money to get by working at a Best Buy.

Douglas eventually arrived at the building, seeing the company sign surrounded by untrimmed bushes, but he could still see the company name "ChemEnhance Labs" displayed on the sign. Douglas entered and approached the receptionist, an attractive long red haired woman in a white blouse barely revealing the cleavage of her modest breast. Her name plate read Alyssa Dillium.

"Hello, sir, how may I help you?" asked Alyssa.
"Uh, I'm here about this ad in this paper about needing a volunteer for some experiment" Douglas said, pointing out the ad in the paper.
"I'm sorry, sir, but that offer is no longer available."
"I see. Thanks anyway." he said, turning to leave.
"Hold on one minute," Alyssa said quickly, "If you could have a seat for a moment, I can ask the doctors in charge about this opportunity you've given the company." she then picked up the phone on her desk and dialed a number.
"Oh. O-okay then." Douglas went to sit down in the waiting room.

A few minutes later, Douglas was asked to come back over to the main desk.

"You're in luck, sir," Alyssa said with a smile, "We have yet to test the enhancement treatment on someone like you."
"That's great!" Douglas said, wondering what she really meant by "someone like you." He just guess they hadn't tested it on some wimp like him.
"Dr. Werton will show you where to go," Alyssa said, breaking Douglas's train of thought, "If you would just fill out these papers first."
"Oh, yeah, uh, thank you."

Finishing writing down information about himself, Douglas saw a beautiful brunette woman with shoulder length hair enter the lobby. She wore a white lab coat over a purple satin blouse, that revealed a full cleavage of her generous breasts, and a black skirt that ended abover her knees revealing her pantyhose covered legs in three inch black heels. Douglas figured this vision of beauty must be Dr. Werton. She called him over, walking further into the building. He handed her the papers he had filled out.

"So... Douglas Winters, is it?" she said looking over the papers.
"That's me." said Douglas.
"Well, Mr. Winters, I can't express how excited we are to test the our enhancement treatment once again. We never thought we get to test on a volunteer like yourself." Dr. Werton, tried to hold in her excitement.
"Is that so? Has this treatment worked on everyone else?"
"Definitely. Myself as well as the other scientists have spent the last four years trying to perfect this liquid formula for enhancement of body and mind."
"So you, uh, just modified a Red Bull?" Douglas laughed.
"Very funny, Mr. Winters." Dr. Werton laughed in return, to Douglas's surprise. No woman had ever laughed at one of his jokes before.

Douglas was led into a changing room where he had to put on a small black speedo. Douglas swore it looked more like a woman's bikini bottom though. Douglas also had to remove his glasses. Entering the next room, Douglas saw a white ceiling and floor with blue walls alligned with lights that stretched down across the top and bottom. At the end of the room was a platform surrounded by small silver hoses on the walls. A monotone female voice over an intercom told Douglas to stand on the platform. From what Douglas could see, the foot straps on the platform were in the shape of a woman's high heeled shoes with a strap to hold the ankles together. Very strange he thought.

Standing uncomfortably on the platform, Douglas was ready for the experiment to begin. He could hardly wait to be ten thousand dollars richer, to have a body women would find attractive, and have an even smarter brain. Douglas thought maybe he could get Dr. Werton to go on a date with him. The receptionist Alyssa was also a possibility.

The monotone female voice sounded over the intercom.

"Please remain perfectly still during all liquid applications."

Douglas took a deep breath and stood still.

"Mr. Winters," Dr. Werton's voice sounded over the intercom, "We are going to apply the brain liquid first and move on from there. Are you ready?"
"Y-yeah, let's do this." he said, becoming nervous.
"Try to remain calm."
"Applying brain liquid." said the monotone female voice.

Douglas heard a hose extend from the wall behind him and move around in front of his face. The nozzle went on his nose, feeling something move far up his nostrils. Douglas then felt something shoot out deep inside his head. He thought it must have reached his brain. The nozzle then moved away from his nose and back to the wall. Douglas shook his head.

"Very good, Mr. Winters. Moving on now." said Dr. Werton's voice.
"Applying body liquid." the monotone voice sounded off again.
"I must warn you, Mr. Winters, this part will hurt."

The hoses closest to the floor at his sides extended outward, their nozzles settling on Douglas's nipples. He felt something enter his skin and squirt out. The nozzles removed, showing no sign of punctured skin. However Douglas did feel pain. One of the hoses moved down then moved down to his belly button. It's nozzle placed itself down, once again causing Douglas to feel the same senstion that he did in his nipples. The same happened to his thighs. Both tubes then moved down to his crotch.

"Mr. Winters, if you would be so kind as to reveal your privates for the hoses." voiced Dr. Werton.

Douglas did as told and felt the nozzles place themselves on his urethra and his testicles. Being a sensitive area, Douglas felt more pain than in his chest and belly button when the liquid was inserted. He couldn't believe he would have a bigger dick as well.

"Normally we don't apply the liquid there, but you are a special case, Mr. Winters. We should see how these first results play out concerning genital change."
"What does that mean," thought Douglas, "Did all the other guys getting this treatment not want larger junk?"
"You should be feeling the changes soon, Mr. Winters. Now we move on to the quicker aspects of the treatment." Dr. Werton spoke again.
"Applying facial liquid." said the monotone female voice.

The same hoses that inserted liquid below his head, now moved up to his face, each nozzle on his cheeks. He felt something go through the skin again and squirt out. The hoses moves away.

"Here's another we'll test for the first time. Please open your mouth, Mr. Winters."
"Applying vocal liquid."

Another hose from behind Douglas came around to the front of his face. The nozzle went down his throat and spun while releasing the liquid, rubbing it in. Douglas was once again confused by another first time experiment of this liquid. Had no one wanted a new voice? Douglas decided to stop thinking of it. He could sound more manlier anyway. He then felt his body rumble.

"Almost done, Mr. Winters. We need to prepare the liquids for your hair and for your pale skin. Brace yourself for any pain while you change." Dr. Werton's voice spoke.

Douglas was feeling very odd in his bones. If he didn't know any better he'd say they were shrinking in size. He felt pain in his thighs as he looked down and saw his already thin legs grow longer. Any hair that was on his body was now noticably falling out. He felt a great pressure in his hips as his insides moved around like in a blender. Placing his hands on the walls next to him to keep balance, Douglas felt a great loud cracking pop as his hips extended outward causing him to yell. With burning pain, what felt like a liquid tore a new opening in his crotch. He felt his skin and flesh get pulled inside this opening and settling down in its new form. Douglas looked under the speedo, which now rode on his wider hips, and saw that his penis and testicles were gone and replaced by a vagina.

Douglas yelled out in horror. Slapping is hands over his mouth in further shock, Douglas realized his voice sounded higher. Soon his yelling turned to screaming. He blinked a few times. He could swear his vision was better. Little changed on his already thin body, but Douglas placed his hands on the walls again trying to resist the pain. His face felt different, his cheekbones had risen, his teeth straightened, his nose had shrunk, his lips puffed out and his eyes grew larger. Eyebrows thinned and eyelashes extended. Pressure was building up in his chest, his nipples grew bigger, the aerolas expanded. Warm liquid felt like it was inflating two lumps on his chest. Soon that feeling of liquid hardened into large masses of flesh now D-cup breast. Douglas continued to scream in pain and horror.

"Okay, I'm back. I see those changes have almost come to a finish. Let's move on with the last two." said Dr. Werton's voice over the intercom.
"Applying hair liquid."

The two hoses behind Douglas both approached him now and placed themselves above his head. A transparent liquid shot out onto his brown hair and it quickly grew into long blonde locks. This further shocked Douglas.

"Applying skin liquid."

The two hoses on both sides of Douglas extended and began shooting out a brown liquid that landed on his new breasts. To his surprise, Douglas stopped screaming about his change. A smile spread across his face.

"Oooo, that feels so cold!" he said in his bubbly new female voice, feeling pleasure from her breasts.
"What's wrong with me," Douglas said in his thoughts, "Why am I enjoying this?"

The brown liquid squirted some more on his body and spread across on its own, giving his body a complete tan except for where the speedo was placed. Douglas knew it really was a bikini bottom though. The new woman caressed her tanned body as she enjoyed the tingle the skin liquid gave her.

"Congratulations, Mr. Winters, the enhancement was a success. Welcome to womanhood." said the voice of Dr. Werton.

Douglas stopped smiling.

"No, wait, uh, like, I didn't want to be a woman! Why don't I have an enhanced male body?"
"What do you mean, Mr. Winters? Did you not know this treatment gives the subject an enhanced female body?"
"What!? No! Oh my gawd!"
"Calm down, Mr. Winters."
"Calm down!? I'm a woman! This is nothing how I expected my body to be and I don't feel any more intel...intella...television...?"
"Mr. Winters, are you having trouble saying the word 'intelligent?'"
"Yeah! That's it! I can't believe it slipped my mind. Ohh, speaking of which, my brain feels like it's been boiled by hot water."

After getting Douglas out of the testing room, Dr. Werton took him to the office of Ms. Ambercomb, owner of the company. She had dark graying hair styled in a bun and wore a red business coat with a matching skirt. A pearl necklace nestled in her cleavage.

"Oh gee, uh, like, what's wrong with me, miss? You know, besides being a woman." said Douglas, now wearing a white bath robe and sitting across Ms. Ambercomb at her desk.
"Mr. Winters, I'm afraid you weren't informed about the information in the newspaper ad. The faded text you couldn't read mentioned this procedure was asking for female volunteers only. We only let you go through with the procedure because we hadn't aquired any male test data and we thought you wanted to become a woman." explained Ms. Ambercomb.
"Isn't that just great! So what about my brain!?"
"Well, it seems the formula for the brain liquid only works on subjects who have always been female. Your Y chromosome cause some disruption once your gender was changed. Instead of becoming smarter, you've become well...dumber in a sense. There's no way the current brain liquid can fix this."
"Oh gawd damn it! You, like, better fix this!"
"I'm afraid the process is irreversable, Mr. Winters."
"" Douglas questioned.
"You....can't change back." Ms. Ambercomb said, hoping she would understand.
"Well...find some way to make this better or I'll...file...a law suite on this company!"
"You mean lawsuit?"
"Yes, that's what I meant." she said, feeling stupid.

Ms. Ambercomb sat up from her chair and walked around her desk over to Douglas.

"Mr. Winters..." Ms. Ambercomb started berfore being interrupted.
"You might as well, like, call me Ms. Winters since I'm gonna be stuck like this." she said annoyed.
"If you insist, Ms. Winters. As I was about to say, we here at FemChemEnhance Labs wish to fix you up with a new life."
"Wait, did you say FemChe..." she tried to ask, but was cut off by Ms. Ambercomb.
"We can't afford to be sued. We've spent so much money developing this chemical that we would lose any means to make it if we would to lose in court. We'll set you up with a new identity, a new job here at my company, and we'll even pay you triple the amount of money promised in the newspaper ad."
"You mean I get...uh...thirty thousand dollars?"
"That is correct."
"But what job could I do here? I don't know stuff. Oh, and what about my family? Like, they'll be surprised about me being a woman."
"I shall contact your family and explain your situation. As for you job here... Well, we could use a spokesmodel to promote the enhancement treatment."
"Spokesmodel? You mean, like, pose for magazine ads and junk?"
"That and everything else involved. Do you need time to think about it?"
"Well, thinking kinda hurts now and I guess I have no choice really. So, like, yeah, I'll totally do it." Douglas tried to smile.
"So it is decided," Ms. Ambercomb clapped her hands and smiled, "I'm glad we could come to a deal. Now let's get you a new name and some clothing. I'll have Alyssa go with you to the mall so you may buy a whole new wardrobe. You two can take my private limo."

An hour later Douglas Winters stepped outside as Dana Winters. She wore a small white t-shirt that revealed her belly, the FemChemEnhance logo spread across her chest. Her blue jeans hugged the curves of her legs and she walked in a pair of pink running shoes. Underneath were a matching white bra and panties. Dana looked at the company logo on her shirt.

"FemChemEnhance? But the sign out front said..."

Dana looked over at the company sign in front of the building. The bushes around it were pefectly trimmed now showing the full name of "FemChemEnhance Labs: Finding the beautiful woman you want to emerge." Dana let out a sigh, realizing how stupid she was before becoming a bimbo. She walked over to the limo where Alyssa waited and hopped inside.


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