Request Story for jwargod: Can't Keep Me Down Part 4

The final part. I meant to include this in the last part, but it would've been too long for a single blog post. I also want to include these three pictures I ran across that closely resemble the main character's transformed appearance.


George made his way through the crowds making sure not to lose sight of Veronica. He could see her leave the mall through one of the exits and quickened his pace causing his heels to click and clack faster. Stepping outside, George could still see her on the sidewalk surrounding the mall deserted area. George wondered how Veronica could move so fast. If she could get to her car before he could catch up to her, then he would have to come back to the mall the next day. George was certain he didn't want to go through that experience again. He was just about to catch up to her.

"There you are!" yelled a voice.

George turned his head slighty to the right from where Veronica was. His eyes wide with alarm, George quickly hid behind a nearby dumpster. The voice came from the man from the bus earlier. George peeked his head out and watched what would happen.

"Hey, can't you hear me whore?" said the man.
"Excuse me!?" responded Veronica, offended as she turned towards the man.
"Wait, you're not that hooker Gina. You have an afro just like her though. Oh well. I guess you'll have to do."
"Do what?"
"Okay, how much for a moment of your time?"
"Do you think I'm a prostitute!?"
"Baby, you sure look like it."
"Fo yo info-mation, I ain't no hooker!"
"You sure dress it though," he said approaching closer to Veronica, "Maybe I could still convince you..."
"How many of you men do I gotta run into?"

George watched as Veronica extended her arm and pointed at the man in the same way she did to him when he was cursed. However the man grabbed Veronica's arm and lead her down a nearby alley. George knew what was going to happen to her. George got out from behind the dumpster to help Veronica, but then stopped. What could he do in a body like Gina's to fight off that man, he thought. Noticing something sticking out of the dumpster, George pulled out a rusted steel pipe and hurried toward the alley.

Entering the alley, George could see Veronica on the ground. Her face was beaten and her nose was bleeding. As the man was unbuckling his belt, George approached him behind. Lifting the pipe into the air, George whacked it on the man's head as his pants dropped to his knees. He turned around holding his head only to recieve a swiping blow to his face from the pipe. The man fell over instantly and now lied on his side holding his head in a daze before passing out. George dropped the pipe and went to help Veronica stand up.

"Oh my God, thank you so much!" said Veronica.
"It was the right thing to do." said George.
"Ah think ah completely misjudged you as a man."
"What do you mean?"
"After what ah did to you I thought you would be the last person to save me."
"Yo welcome."
"How can ah ever repay you, honey?"
"You can start by tellin' me how I can get mah old life back." he said, a little anxious.
"I'm sorry," she said with a look of concern, "Like ah said before, there ain't no way to reverse my curse. There's nothing I or anyone else can do."
"What am ah supposed to do then? Ah can't live a life where everyone thinks I'm some hooker livin' in a cruddy apartment! I'm sorry ah judged you based on how you were dressed, but you had no right to punish me like this! After today I know what it feels like to be mistaken for some cheap whore."
"Don't worry, honey. I wanna make it up to you. Take me to my car and we can talk some mo at my home."

George looked at the man on the ground.

"What about him?" asked George, suspecting what the man's fate might be.
"This piece o' trash nearly raped me. If you asked me, ah say he deserves my curse. What do you say, honey?"
"Go fo it, girl." said George, feeling no sympathy for the man that could have did the same to him.
"Ah think ah make it more instananeous this time."

Veronica pointed her finger at the man and almost instantly he transformed from a muscular man with brown hair into a frail and curvy woman with blonde hair. His shirt turned intoa hot pink tube top with no bra and his jacket shrunk and became black leather with white fluff around the collar. His pants went back up his legs and became a short mini skirt while his new pink thong slid down her legs. His socks were now black fish net stockings and his shoes became sleek black leather boots with a four inch heel. The new woman has a pretty and a generous pair of breasts with a nice ass.

"Ah think she'll have no trouble fitting into her new life." said Veronica.
"What's his name?" asked George.
"My magic tells me she used to be Kyle Sanders, a full time drug dealer and not very kind to women. Now she is Krystal Star, a well known prostitute and very submissive.
"Fitting punishment."

The two women left Krystal in he alley where she would later wake up with little resistence to her new life. George brought Veronica to her car and drove to her home.

3 Months Later

Her new life had started rough, but George was getting used to things now as Gina and had to accept he would forever be a woman. As she walked down the sidewalk carrying a bag of groceries she was still being stared at by men, but not in the same way as before, like any other woman. Since George gained control over himself as Gina she kept her appearance as far away as she did as a hooker. Her face was lighty applied with makeup. Eyeliner, purple eye shadow, and red lipstick. Instead of the afro, her dark hair hung down her back and over her shoulders. Her clothing was far less revealing, but still showed off her generous curves. The outline of her bra could be seen under the white blouse that covered her G-cups. The first few buttons were undone to show her cleavage. She wore matching panties that were covered by skin tight jeans that seemed painted on, still showing a hypnotic sway from her hips and bubble butt. The clicking in her step was provided by the knee high black boots with a three inch heel.

Since the day George saved Veronica, she offered George to live with her in her apartment. George had even agreed to work at her store while she recovered from her assault. Now the two work together. George had to admit that Veronica's apartment was much nicer than the one he found himself in. It was in a nicer part of town as well. Entering the building, George made her way up to the fifth room on the third floor. With her free hand George unlocked the door with her key and entered the room where she was greeted by Veronica, who was wearing a spagetti string tank top with denim short shorts. Her hair still styled in an afro.

"Hey, Gina sweety, back already?" Veronica said with a smile, watching television on the couch.
"Veronica, ah thought ah told you call me George when we're in the apartment." George said, putting the bag of groceries in the kitchen.
"Sorry, honey, it's just that you been so much fun as mah roomie these last few months."
"I'm surprised myself. Who ah thunk we get along so well." she said, putting away some groceries.
"Ah just wish you didn't have to go an' change yo wardrobe, girl."
"You know I wasn't feelin' right like that. Besides, ah didn't want anyone to thnk we got a twin thang goin' on."

The two women laughed.

"Ah know ah can make ya show some skin if we go clubbin' tonight." said Veronica.
"Nuh uh, girl. I should be studyin' fo mah computer repair classes. You know I'd like to get mah old job back." George said putting away the last of the groceries.
"That's no excuse not to have a little fun tonight."
"Well... Ah have been wantin' to relieve some stress lately."
"Mmm hmm, I knew you'd come around, honey. You gonna find a man tonight?"
"Ah don't think so, darlin'. This woman still has a thang for other fine ladies."
"Uh huh. Sure...Gina."
"What did ah say!?" she said annoyed.

George and Veronica prepared themselves to go out that night. Veronica dressed in a strapless short red dress while George put on a black dress with short sleeves with open area to show her magnificient cleavage. The two women left the apartment, walking out in matching five inch ankle strapped heels to Veronica's car. Now that they were out of the apartment, George couldn't get mad at Veronica for calling her Gina.

"So, Gina, what's one thing about this life that's better than yo old one?" asked Veronica.

George looked over at Veronica and smiled with her bright red lips.

"Ah learned not to judge people by their appearance." she laughed.

The two woman continued to walk as a man named Bert passed by them heading toward his own room. He couldn't but stare at the two sexy black women as they smiled at him. He continued to stare as they walked away, their hips moving in perfect sync.


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