Request Story for jwargod: Can't Keep Me Down Part 3

Seeing how much space this might take up for one blog post, this story will definitely conclude in the next part.


George walked through the mall, the clicking sound of his heels almost drowned out by the voices of the people crowding the place. He was well aware of the stares he was recieving as the scantily clad volumptious black woman he appeared to be. Left and right he could see the stares of everyone young and old. Stares of lust, disgust, and surprise. Passing by an African American woman, George could see her cover the eyes of her son and daughter. The woman herself gave George a look that could have said "don't you have any decency?" George felt embarassed on the inside, but he knew on the outside Gina could care less about what anybody thought of her. So he continued through the mall looking for the store "Veronica's Erotica."

"Damn! Where is it? Dear lord, what if I never find it? What if I have to stay like this? What if I...I..." thought George before he was interrupted.
".....vah......nd it..." lingered a voice in George's thoughts.
"What was that?" thought George, confused.
"...Yo.....nevah...." lingered the voice again.
"What's going on!?" George yelled in his mind.
"YO NEVAH FIND IT!" the voice exploded in George's brain.

Holding his head in pain, George made his way through the crowds, almost knocking people over. He eventually found his way to a restroom with a single toilet, sink, and mirror. Looking at his reflection in the mirror George wondered what was happening to cause this voice to pop up in his head. He could have sworn it sounded like...

"Yo damn right it sounds like me!" said the voice in his head. A voice he had heard himself speak so many times already.
"It can't be," thought George, "Gina?"
"You better believe it, sugah!"
"How? I thought you were just some personality I was forced to speak as?"
"Ah am. The thought of you being stuck as me is causing you to lose yo mind."
"It is?"
"Honey, if you didn't notice, you have two different people talkin' in yo head."
"What's happening to me? I thought I gained control over you..."
"Unless you wanna have a nervous breakdown, I suggest you walk mah fine ass back home and be the whore this curse has made you to be."
"No... I may have this body and a different life, but all I have left of my old self is my thoughts. I refuse to give that up."
"You will."

George couldn't take anymore.


George screamed out and smashed the mirror with his fist. Then again....and again. He ripped the shards off the broken frame, cutting his right hand. He dropped to his knees, almost crying. He continued to sit there in silence with his eyes shut. After a few minutes George opened his eyes.

"Is... Is she...gone?" he spoke in his feminine voice. "I'm still me. I'm still thinkin' like" he said, his eyes growing wide.

He was able to say his old name. Ever since he had become Gina, George had never been able to speak his old name. Standing up, he realized he need to test his speech.

"Hi there, sugah. Mah name's George Carnville and ah worked with computers, but thanks to some dumb ol' curse by some bitch I'm now the fine and sex-ay ex-prostitute Gina Kinks." he said, felling overjoyed. Even though he could finally speak of the curse he still spoke in Gina's dialect. Regardless, he believed he had beaten the mental capabilities of the curse.

Washing his bloody hand in the sink, George wrapped some paper towels around his hand. Hopefully nobody would notice as he tried to find the store. Feeling more sure of himself than before, Geroge walked out of the restroom. Now that George's personality was in more control than Gina's he was even more aware of how his hips were gyrating back and forth along with the bouncing of his huge breasts. He couldn't help but show Gina's face blush with embarassment. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to let Gina's personality be in a little more control, George thought.

After suffering more judging stares and whistles from strangers on the first floor, George found himself at the end of the mall on the second floor where the crowds had died out. This was due to a bunch of closed shops all grouped together that had gone out of business. Except one. George looked up and saw the sign of the store read "Veronica's Erotica." He quickly rushed in. Instantly he recognized it as a sex shop. Every kind of porno, sex toy, and fetish was definitely sold here. Before George could walk further through the store he heard a voice and looked over to where it came from.

"Sorry, miss, but I'm closin' up for tuhday." said a volumptious black woman at the cash register wearing the same outfit he had seen her in before. It was the woman who had placed the curse on George.
"You!" yelled George.
"Excuse me?" she said, raising an eyebrow.
"You did this to me, bitch!"
"Did wha... Oh! Yes, ah can feel my magic coming from you right now. George, right? Or should ah say Gina?" she said with a laugh.
"Nuh uh, honey, you can call me George."
"What," the woman stopped laughing, "How can you refer to yo self as your old name? The curse don't allow it."
"I guess I resisted better than you thought huh?" George said with pride.
"This can't be," the woman said walking out from behind the cash register, "No one ain't ever done that."
"Well ah did bitch and ah also experienced everthing I thought you were. So does that mean you can go and lift this curse off me now?"
"Ha! What made you think that, girl? Ah only told you to come here so ah could see how you turned out. I must say, you become one fiiine woman."
"Are you sayin' I'm stuck like this?"
"Damn right you are, sweety! That's how the curse I learned from mah momma works. Its not like some ass like you deserves to have yo old life back." she said with a laugh.

The woman pushed George out of the store as she walked out herself and locked up, using a remote to close the metal shutter.

"Bye bye, honey." said the woman walking away, leaving George in shock.
"Wait!" yelled George.
"What now?" she turned her head.
"You nevah introduced yo self."
"What do you think it is!? I own the store."
"I'm not a hooker, but ah nevah said ah wasn't nasty." said Veronica, continuing to walk away.

George stood in place until he saw Veronica in the distance heading toward the nearest mall exit. Maybe he could find out a different method to change back from her, he thought. George ran after Veronica.


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