Request Story for jwargod: Best Friends Forever Part 1

This is part one of another story requested by jwargod. jwargod also supplied the image for it again. I wanted to finish this sooner but I had difficulty thinking of something that would work for the guidelines jwargod provided me to write from. I hope I can get the second part up sooner, but my busy life also contributed to the delay of this beginning part. This story also has more build up than my previous stories in which the transformation happened almost right away. I hope it turned out well.


"There has to be a better way to pay off the rent." said Matthew.
"Listen, Matt, we don't have much of a choice. This'll be the easiest way to get the money we need right now." said Henry.
"Maybe we can talk our way into gaining an extra week get what we need. We can also find some new jobs then."
"I don't want to hear it, Matt. Come on buddy, we've been through worse together. Besides, in a city like Vegas, how can we not take our chances?"

Matthew Knight and Henry Garfield were twenty-four and twenty-five years old respectively. They had recently lost their jobs due to the video store they worked at going out of business. Living in Las Vegas, Henry had made the decision to head into the casinos to try and win as much as they could to pay off the rent of their apartment. Matthew wasn't too thrilled about the idea, but he couldn't help but go along. The money they needed to pay off the rent was seven hundred dollars and they only had two hundred and fifty. The two friends walked down the Las Vegas Strip and entered the first casino they encountered and went to work.

"Okay, here's what we're going to do," said Henry, "I'm going to head over to the blackjack tables, you take this and try to win big at the slots."
"It's not like I'd have luck in anything else." said Matthew, taking the two hundred dollars Henry gave him.
"Don't worry, man. It's time to win big." Henry slapped his friend on the back.

Walking their seperate ways, Henry approached the closest blackjack table and sat down. Sitting next to him was an older man wearing a white suit and cowboy hat. He appeared to be a stereotypical Texan. In comparison he made Henry look dull in his black collared shirt and khaki pants.

"Ah! So you're my next victim," the man said with a southern accent, "I suggest you back out, son. You don't look like the type of fella to beat my luck."
"Well I say you're luck is about to run out." Henry said, not wanting to appear intimidated.
"Ha ha! That what the last couple sonuvaguns said! Maybe not those exact words, but I reckon you know what I mean."
"Yeah, sure."

While Henry's game began, Matthew was just getting started at the slot machines. Looking around Matthew thought he blended in with the crowds here well enough wearing regular street clothes of a t-shirt and jeans. All the rich big time gamblers seemed to be playing poker, blackjack, or roulette. After Matthew exchanged some of his bills for quarters, he sat down at the first slot machine he saw. Sliding a quarter in, Matthew pulled the lever and watche the reels spin.

Seven.... Seven....

"Fourteen huh," thought Henry, thinking of what to do next, "Hit me."

The blackjack dealer gave Henry another card, a six. Henry stayed with the advantage he had. He looked over at the Texan's cards seeing he had eighteen. There's was no way he could win this hand.

"Hm... Hit me." the Texan said, to Henry's surprise.

The next car given to him was a three. He had a total of twenty-one. Henry stared with his mouth gaping. The Texan laughed hard. Henry knew his luck could change though. He wondered if Matthew was having any better luck at the moment. Unfortunately, Matthew wasn't having much luck either. Matthew had pulled the lever of the slot machine ten times already and he was beginning to lose any hope he tried to gather. On his eleventh pull however, he got three cherries on the reels followed by two more successful pulls. Henry was beginning to start a chain wins as well.

"I don't believe it!" said the Texan,
"Looks like you luck's run out old man." said Henry.
"You better watch your tongue son."
"Yeah, sure."

Henry had managed to win back one hundred and thirty-seven dollars and won back triple the amount. The Texan was becoming angry at his vanishing luck. Fortuneately for the him, everything went downhill for Henry with the next few turnouts. He thought he would play it safe but greed got the better of him. Henry ended up losing half of what he gained back. Henry backed out cursing to himself and walked away, hearing the old Texan laugh behind him. He hoped he never ran into him again. Henry was left with two hundred and five dollars, not as much as what he started with. He was dreading the bad news Matthew would have with his winnings. Through the crowds of the casino, Henry noticed Mathew walking towards him. He was holding a bag of what looked like his winnings.

"So, how much did you win?" asked Henry.
"Plenty more than what I had before," exclaimed Matthew, "I got two hundred and thirty dollars here."
"Lucky you," Henry said, annoyed that Matthew did better than him, "That only puts us at four hundred and thirty-five dollars however."
"Well, we can still try the poker tables."
"Hell no! You know niether of us is good at poker."
"So, do we give Mr. Wells what we have and hope he lets us keep the apartment a bit longer?"
"That stubborn landlord hates us too much for that. There's only one thing we can do with this money." Henry began to grin.
"You mean..." Matthew trailed off, knowing what Henry would say.
"That's right, Matt, my old friend. Time to go to the strip club."

Matthew knew this probably wasn't the best decision, especially since they barely had enough money, but it couldn'y hurt to have a short lapdance. The two friends made their way over to the Pole Swingers strip club and sat down in front of the main stage. After seeing three of the girls do their sets and slipping ones and fives into g-strings, Henry and Matthew each decided to get to get some private attention from one of the girls walking around. Henry walked over to a busty blonde and discussed how much a moment of her time would take. Matthew ended up being approached by a thin asian stripper wearing pink star pasties over her small breasts, a white thong showed from her jean cutoffs that revealed he buttcheeks of her nicely rounded rear, and pink four inch platform heels. She lead Matthew into one of the back rooms.

"My name is Emma," said the asian stripper, "What's yours, honey?"
"It's Matthew." he replied.
"Well, Matthew, I'm about to give you the best lapdance a hundred bucks can buy."
"Sounds good."
"Just remember. No touching."

Meanwhile in another private room, Henry was getting his own lapdance. The busty blonde, who introduced herself as Krystal, waved her ass inches away in front of Henry's face. He only wished that no touching policy wasn't in the way of getting to know Krystal a lot better. Gazing at the gyrations of her butt, Henry couldn't help but get a squeeze in. Krstal responded with a small squeal.

"Hey, didn't I tell you there was no touching? Do you want one of the boucers to throw you out?" she threatened.
"Baby, it's a rough time for me right now. How about letting me get in a squeeze here and there?"
"No way," she said, turning around and still dancing, "I've never done that before and I don't plan on letting it happen on my last night here."
"Last night?"
"Yeah, me and my friend Emma have been working here to pay off some college loans." Krystal casually mentioned as she slid off her yellow bikini top.
"College? To think I thought of you as a bimbo." Henry blurted out.
"Well aren't you shallow?"
"Come on, blondie, just a few grabs." he said, ignoring what she had said.

Krystal turned again, away from Henry, giving him the chance to stand up from the chair he sat on and grab Krystal's boobs from behind. She screamed out.

"I could've sworn your boobs would be fake. You're a real natural beauty." Henry said.
"Damn it, get off me!" Krystal said, struggling.
"You know you like it."

In through the door, Henry saw walk in a black man with a muscular body crossing his arms.

"I see there's a problem here." Dwayne the bouncer said in a stern voice.

Matthew was completely unaware his friend was getting a severe beating as he got his lapdance from Emma. She sat on his lap and rotated her upper body, her breasts going in and away from Matthew's face.

"You like this don't you?" asked Emma.
"How can I not?" responded Matthew.
"I thought as much."
"If only your boobs were a little bigger, they'd be smacking my face right now."
"Mine are still great though, right?"
"Well I kind of prefer bigger knockers on women," he said, not thinking, "Want to do me a favor?"
"What's that?" trying to forget the remark about her breasts.
"I like it when Japanese girls speak in a thick accent. Could you do that for? I'll pay extra."
"I don't have to accept that offer. Also, I'm Korean, not Japanese."
"Sorry, but I don't think it would make much difference as long as you know what I mean."
"I think your time is up, Matthew." Emma said, getting off Matthew's lap and trying to supress her anger.
"Did I say something wrong?" thought Matthew, in belief that he still had five minutes left for the lapdance.

Matthew's thoughts were interuptted when he heard a loud crashing sound. He left the private room a few steps behind Emma to see one of the bouncers roughing up Henry. The beating didn't look like it was going to stop and Henry's face was bloody. Matthew rushed over to help his friend.

"Krystal, what happened?" Emma asked, approaching her friend.
"That jerk wouldn't stop grabbing me. He also insulted my intelligence and thought I had fake boobs." Krystal explained.
"Oh really? His friend there made some remarks about my breasts and my ethnicity."
"Are you serious?"
"Do you think they deserve a certain...punishment?"
"I think so, Krystal."

Henry and Matthew flew through the air and into the trash cans behind the strip club. The bouncer brushed his hands together after another night of doing what he loved getting paid to do. He walked back into the strip club and closed the door behind him. Henry wiped some blood away from his nose and Matthew tried to stay off a now sprained ankle. The back door of the club opened again as Krystal and Emma stepped outside.

"Ladies," started Matthew, "Allow me to apologize for the actions of myself and my friend. We're really sorry."
"I'm not." Henry said, spitting out blood.
"Save it." said Emma.
"Yeah, you're nothing but an asshole and you are terrible for just being friends with him." said Krystal, referring to Henry and then Matthew.
"I hardly think that's fair to assume." said Matthew.
"That didn't stop either of you from making assumptions about each of us, said Emma, "I swear, you two have to be the worst men we've encountered in Vegas."
"And because of that, we feel you two deserve what we are going to do to you." said Krystal.
"Oh yeah? What's that?" asked Henry.
"Something my grandmother taught me. Ready, Emma?"

The two strippers each walked to one side of the two friends. Henry and Matthew were puzzled as to what the two women were going to do. They chanted in unison.

"You who have wronged us and offended us, hear our words. Become that of which you believed and desired us to be. May you live in your world, but not by your current appearances. Remain helpless to return. Stiripsaah emocaah dnaah retlaah ehtaah sevilaah foaah esohtaah ewaah meedaah mucsaah!"

Henry and Matthew felt a chill and continued to stare at the strippers until they walked back inside the strip club. They looked at each other in confusion.

"What the fuck was that all about?" questioned Henry.
"Not sure. Let's just get back to the apartment. We have bigger things to worry about." said Matthew.
"Yeah. Thanks for trying to save me back there, Matt." he said, wiping more blood from his nose.
"Hey, you'd do the same for me."

The two friends made their way over to Henry's car and drove back to the apartment. Out of the four hundred and thirty-five dollars they had earned they had used two hundred and fifty-five at the strip club. Henry washed the blood off his face and managed to stop his nose from bleeding any further. They both decided to call it a night and went to their respective rooms, not bothering to change out of their clothes. As they both tried to sleep they couldn't help but feel a strange sense of disorientation.

Henry woke up the next morning feeling the strangest he had ever felt in his entire life. An immense amount of pressure was pushing down on his chest. He lifted his head up to see something huge protruding underneath his blankets. Stretching the material of his shirt to it's limits was what appeared to be giant breasts. Matthew wanted to yell, but it cam out as a high pitched scream. Matthew heard another scream outside his room. The door to his room opened and in walked a very busty blonde woman whose baggy pants had just fallen to the floor.

"Oh gee, is that you, Matt?" asked the woman.
"Who are you!?" asked Mathew, shocked by the sound of his voice.
"Matt, it's, like, me Henry!"
"You Henry?" he spoke again, knowing something was wrong with his voice.

Matthew jumped out of his bed, feeling the immense breasts on his chest almost cause him to lose balance. He felt his now baggy pants fall to the fall as he joined the blonde woman who claimed to be Henry in front of the mirror in his room. They both lifted their stretched out shirts. Henry gasped in horror while Matthew covered his mouth.

"Oh my gawd! What happened to us!?" said Henry.
"I not understand. Why we rike this?" questioned Matthew.
"Like, how am I supposed to know!? Gee, Matt, you're asian! Your boobies are sooo big! And why are you, like, talking like you have a, you know, thick accent?"
"Me? Why you tark rike bimbo? You right though, I asian! No... I think I Japanese!"
"I bet those stripper bitches are the ones that totally did this to us with, like, that weird chanting and stuff."
"What we gonna do, Henry? We can't ret no one see us rike this!"

A loud knocking startled the two friends, causing Matthew to lose his balance and fall over. His huge breasts pinning him down.

"Wake up, you two, it's time for you to pay your rent damn it." said the voice of the landlord outside their apartment.
"It Mr. Werls! Henry, what we do?" asked Matthew.
"Oh gawd. Don't worry, Matt. I'll, like, take care of it."
"How?" he said, still trying to stand up.
"I don't know. I'll, something."

Still unfamiliar with the way his new body was moving, Henry walked to the front door of the apartment. The whole time his breasts jiggled and his hips swayed back and forth. Taking a deep breath, Henry opened the door.


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