"Wishing on the Bus" and Formspring answers

While I continue to write the next request story for jwargod, I thought I could post this to make up for the lack of captions recently. I've had the idea for this caption since I found the image. I also responded to two Formspring questions from two anonymous people.


What a sexy blog - how do you do it?

This blog is possible thanks to my ideas and interests of TG fiction. I figured if I created my own blog I would create more TG fiction with content I preferred in captions and stories, plus I thought it would be great for people who like the same content I do in TG fiction.

When was the first time you found yourself thinking, "I wish I could be a sexy girl?"

It had to be somewhere back in 2004 when I was first finding out about TG fiction. Back then I saw a Mountain Dew commercial where this guy had a remote car key that lead to transforming his friend into a sexy woman. When trying to find the commercial online in a video I could watch it in slow motion, I eventually ran across sites involving TG. I guess it was around this time I began to wonder what it would be like to be female.

From that time I often wondered if my life would have been better if I had been born a girl. I'd also fantasize about turning into a sexy woman or what it would be like possessing women I knew or met. Even though I have these thoughts from time to time, I'm still fine with who I am now and I couldn't imagine my life being better as anyone else. Hopefully I can meet a girl with an interest in TG ficion and be a little more open about this stuff. Another of my fantasies as a woman involved lesbian sex. As far as real life is concerned if there was an actual way, magical or chemical, I could turn into a real woman and still be able to change back to my normal self, I think I would consider it. As of now it is nothing but fantasy.

And now the caption.

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