"Egg Hunt" and a Formspring question answered.

Before getting to the caption, I've answered this Formspring question.

if a spells r us store ever became real how long would it take for you to show up?

I haven't been to a mall in a month, so I wouldn't know if one really would show up. If I did come across a real life changing Spells r' Us store or heard about it, I think I would hesitate to enter. The Wizard usually has his customers change permanently and my fatasies mostly involve being a woman temporarily. I'm not sure I would take the chance. Although temptation could still get the better of me as well and I enter regardless of if I end up stuck as a woman.


About the caption. I wanted to make something quick for Easter and this was the only picture I could find. I'm sure I have other bunny/Easter related images stored somewhere but I can't find them right now. So this is what I thought up quick. Enjoy!

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