Request Story for jwargod: Can't Keep Me Down Part 2

No images here in this part. I used all I was able to. This is the second part of one of few scenarios jwargod sent me in a request to write a story to. I hope this part turned out well. I plan to make the next part as soon as possible as long as the usual doesn't get in the way. The next part might also be the last part.


George needed to get new body dressed so he eased into Gina's personality again. He knew what she liked to wear and what she was going to pick out. A mirror with a crack in one corner hung on the inside of her closet door. George saw his reflection of Gina with her impossibly curvy body. He cupped his impressive large breasts, knowing Gina was proud of them even if they caused her back problems. Slapping his tits once, George began to dig through Gina's closet. There wasn't anything designed to not show off skin. Crop tops, tube tops, halter tops, mini skirts, cut-offs, even a few corsets. There was an assortment of shoes and other undergarments. There weren't any shoes or boots below a four inch heel and any panties would be sure to crawl up the crack of Gina's large ass. He saw some stockings as well, but decided not wear any out.

He removed the fishnet stockings off his legs followed by the pink thong and then the skimpy pink bra. He pulled on a white thong that seemed just as small as the pink one and a black bra. This one fit the G-cup globes on his chest. George then pulled on a yellow tube top that squeezed tightly around his breasts and around his waist, stopping above his belly button. His cleavage was on full display and the bra straps were in plain sight. Reaching back into the closet, George pulled out denim cut-offs. They rode high on his hips and slid up his butt crack barely covering the cheeks at all. The white thong strings were still noticeably higher on his hips. The last item clothing that was put on were five inch black pumps, giving him extra height. George looked in the mirror again to see the result. He thought he was ready to go, but something was bugging the back of his brain.

He was urged to go back into the bathroom. Of course, his compulsions as Gina made him know he had to fix up his face. The trip to the bathroom made George take note of the effect the five inch heels were having on his movement. His hips gyrated in a rythmic motion that was completely different than before. His hips swished to the left and came to a halt before swishing to the right with another hefty halt. His hips swayed to the left again bumping into a table and almost knocking over a lamp. George tried to control his movement some more by walking slower, but that just made his hips move more sensually. It didn't help that his breasts were jiggling as well. Once in the bathroom George fixed up the afro the framed Gina's face. He then found himself putting on eyeliner and maroon colored eyeshadow and lipstick. He watched Gina's reflection as she blew a kiss at the mirror with her plump lips.

Before leaving the apartment, George picked up a small black purse with a thin strap. Obviously it had to have Gina's indentification and money inside. Placing the purse over his right shoulder and holding it in place, his left arm extended outward so to not bump into his hips. George couldn't feel or see himself as anyone but Gina Kinks with the way he was now. However he was determined to return to his old life.

"Time to find that lady and demand she change me back." George thought as he heard himself speak those thoughts in the only way he could.
"Time tah find that bitch an' give her ah piece of my mind!" said Gina. George expected to not be able say what he wanted to.

It was 3:31pm. Exiting the room and locking the door with the apartment key, George walked down the corridor to head downstairs. The hall was dirty as if it hadn't been cleaned for weeks. This place had to be in one of the less than ideal parts of town, George thought. As he stepped out onto the sidewalk George saw he was in a neighborhood of old aprartment complexes.

From what George could gather from his mind as Gina, she did not own a car. That meant either taking a taxi of the bus. Seeing as he didn't have enough money in Gina's purse for a cab that meant taking the bus. George walked over to the nearest bus stop. On his way over he recieved many stares from passing people.

"I should've known I would have gotten this kind of attention," George thought to himself in distress, "I can't blame them though, knowing how Gina dresses herself...or myself. Ahh! Focus George."

Arriving at the bus stop, George sat down on the bench to wait. To his left was an elderly black man reading a newspaper and on George's right was some punk skater white teenage boy. Even though he was looking forward George could feel that the two of them were making several glances in his direction. When the bus finally arrived George was more than eager to stand up. Behind George, the teen and old man gave each other an acknowledging stare meaning that both of them couldn't believe the body of the woman that sat between them.

The bus driver, who was a thin man of Chinese descent, got more than a good look at George's cleavage. George payed the bus fare and sat down near the front of the bus. The teenager sat around the middle and the old man sat one seat behind George. He couldn't help but feel that those two were still giving him glances. However the two of them would be the least of George's problems. As the bus coninued down its route, it stopped again to pick up another passenger. A muscular looking white man walked onto the bus, payed his fare and sat across from George, to his right. The man was looking at George like he had met him before.

"Well, if it isn't Gina." said the man.
"Uh..." Gina responded as it was the only thing George could muster.
"What? Don't you remember me, whore? Early this morning ring any bells?"

George tried to remember. Could he have been the one that left the money on his bed that morning, he thought. Maybe his dream of the man and woman having sex from before wasn't a dream after all.

"Yeah, I remembah you." said Gina.
"I thought you would," the man said with a smirk, "How about we do it again tonight?"
"I don't think so, honey."
"Oh," said the man now with a furrowed brow, "And why is that?"
"Because I ain't gonna be anyone's whore no more."
"Bullshit. Once a whore always a whore. What if I payed you double this time?"
"Hey," spoke the old man sitting behind Gina, "If the lady says she isn't a whore anymore, she isn't a whore anymore."
"You stay out of this, old man."

Through Gina's words, George continued to deny the man's offers. Throughout the rest of the bus ride he would not let up. When the bus finally reached the mall, George couldn't wait to get off and get away from the muscular man that wouldn't leave him alone. The moment he was off the bus, George walked as fast as he could. Unknown to him though the man had stepped off the bus as well, disregarding his destination and deciding to follow Gina to "teach her a lesson." The man's pursuit was stopped when a skateboard rolled up behind the man and caused him to slip backwards and fall to the ground. The man picked himself off the ground and saw a punk skater teenage boy walk up to him.

"Sorry, dude, I guess my I let my board slip by accident." the teen said, trying to sound convincing.

The man kicked away the board as he stood up in anger. He had lost sight of Gina.

George had already entered the mall, well out of sight of the man he didn't was looking for him. He turned his head in every direction trying to find the store the woman had mentioned to him. There wasn't a store called "Veronica's Erotica" in sight from where he stood. George thought of how foolish he was thinking he could find the store so easily. He would have to walk through the crowded mall and he was getting enough attention as it was due to his new body proportions and revealing clothing. Adjusting his top, George gathered up his courage and proceeded through the mall.


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