Two Formspring answers, but first something about when asking for requests.

There's something I want to mention about requests really quick. As you know I have two kinds of things I post on my blog. Captions and stories. When asking of requests, please be specific. Especially if your question/request is brief. If you do request I write a story, like jwargod has, keep in mind of the content you ask for. If it is something I'm not familiar with I won't be able to make something indepth and it may end up as a caption. Now that I have gotten this out of the way, lets move on to the Formspring answers.


can I place a request here if so - can you do a forced belldancer transformation story

I assume you mean bellydancer? Not sure about a story, but a caption is possible.

Any chance you'll make more quizzes? I love the one you have up.

Thanks, you're the first to say something about it. I've thought about making another but I don't know what of.


One more thing. Since Blogger hasn't appeared to restore what was lost since it had problems I will try to take time to rewrite the ending of part three of "Best Friends Forever." After that is another request I will try to plan out. That one will take awhile.