Request Story for jwargod: Best Friends Forever Part 2

Part two of the seconde request story for jwargod. Not much happens here. Henry finds a way out of trouble and he and Matthew become more involved with their new selves. I try to work on this as much as I can, so hopefully I will get around to making part three soon.


With the door now open Henry stared at the angry face of the landlord Mr. Wells. He was an aging, fat, and balding man wearing a dirty tank top and jeans with boots. For a moment Mr. Wells was caught off guard by the gorgous busty blonde woman that stood in the doorway wearing a man's tee shirt and boxers. He noticed the woman appear to have a frightened, nervous look on her face.

"Where are those bums Henry and Matthew?" demanded Mr. Wells.
"Oh... Um," Henry stuttered, "T-t-they're uh, like, not here right now, you know?"
"Who are you?"
"Oh, I'm, uh... I'm just a friend."

Mr. Wells pushed his way past Henry into the apartment and looked around. Henry didn't want him to barge in on Matthew. Henry decided to distract him as best as possible.

"Where are they damn it? This isn't the first time they've been late paying rent."
"Well, uh, Henry said he and Matt, like, totally went out to try get your money." Henry hoped Mr. Wells would buy his excuse.
"Is that so? Well they're not here and neither is my money! So get dressed and get lossed, baby. I'm locking up this room. Tell your boyfriends they've been evicted."
"Oh please don't. Please reconsider. Pretty please?" Henry's new self couldn't help throwing out those words.
"Not happening, toots."
"Please give them another week. They'll totally have their went by then. Is there anything I can do to make you reconsider at all?"

Mr. Wells raised an eyebrow and cracked a smile, letting out a laugh. He looked over the blonde from head to toe.

"You know what? I think there is something that'll make me reconsider."
"Like what?"
"Your lips look like they could give a good blowjob." he said, unbuckling his belt.

Henry felt horrified that this was the only way to get another week to pay rent. Left with no choice, Henry kneeled down in front of Mr. Wells.

"What's your name anyway, blondie?" asked Mr. Wells.
"Oh," Henry said surprised, needing to think of something, "My name is... Hanna."
"Well, Hanna, you better make this worthwhile."

Staring at Mr. Wells' crotch, Hanna let out a gasp as he let out his erect penis. She hesitated for a moment and tried to get it over with. The dick entered her mouth and she tightened her lips around it. She began to make slow in and out movements with her mouth. A sudden pressure on her head forced her suck faster.

"You'll never get the extra week like that, you stupid slut." Mr. Wells said, grabbing Hanna's head and moving it up and down on his dick.

He released his grasp and Hanna continued to work faster. Her tongue licked the underside of Mr. Wells' dick as she forced it in and out of her mouth. She continued thrusting her head, pulled off and gave a full sack to tip lick, and then went back to thrusting it in and out again. She could hear Mr. Wells moan his approval. Unseen to the both of them, Matthew had finally been able to pick himself off the floor and was now peeking out the crack of his bedroom door surprised at the act his friend was doing.

"Work harder, Hanna, it's almost time for the finale." said Mr. Wells.

Only one thought was in Hanna's head. She and Matt really needed the extra week. She had already been sucking faster, but now she was moving down harder. Strange new thoughts began to enter her head as she continued to suck off Mr. Wells. She began to think she should stop, but her thoughts were interrupted as she opened her eyes wide feeling something warm and sticky squirt into her mouth. She felt possessed. Hanna continued to suck and swallow. She felt her head get pulled away, letting out a gasp as she looked up at Mr. Wells.

"Easy, girl, that's enough. You'll suck me dry if you keep that up. You should've told me you love giving head." Mr. Wells said as he held Hanna's head again.
"I...I..." Hanna said, lost for words.
"How about the clean up down there while you're at it?"

Hanna stared blankly as she licked off any cum left behind. After she finished, Mr. Wells put his pants back on and moved toward the front door. He told Hanna, who was still kneeling, that Henry and Matthew would get an extra week to pay off their rent. Mr Wells made his exit, hoping he could enjoy Hanna's hospitality again. The moment the front door of the apartment closed Matthew ran out of his bedroom and approached Hanna. His giant breasts jumped around as she did.

"Henry, I no bereive you did that!" said Matthew, unable to break the very thick Japanese accent he now had.

Henry continued to stare into blank space.

"Henry!" yelled Matthew.
"Huh," Hanna responded, regaining focus, "Oh, like, sorry, Matt. I, like, got used to being called Hanna."
"Are you arright?"
"Oh my gawd, Matt," she yelled, standing up, "I think I, like, totally loved what I just did!"
"What you say?"
"It has to be this body! Oh gee, like, I'm scared Matt."
"It okay, Henry. Carm down."
"You should call me Hanna now."
"Matt, hellooo. We're totally women now. We might as well, you know, give ourselves appropriate names."
"Henry, feer rike you become someone else."
"Don't worry, Matt. I'm still your BFF if that's what you're, like, worried about."

Matthew looked at Hanna with uncertainty.

"Look, Matt, I really want to return to my old self, but I can't help but act this way." Hanna reassured him.
"So what we do now?"
"Well, we need to, like go back to that strip club and see if those two strippers are still there. Maybe they can change us back?"
"Then rets get dressed."
"OMG, Matt, we totally don't have anything to wear!"
"What you saying, Hen...Hanna?" Matt said, finally giving in to calling Henry his new name.
"Where's the money we had left over from last night?"

Hanna walked away from Matthew before he could say something. He stood in place thinking how much Hanna's new bimbo personality was affecting her. Matthew saw Hanna come back with the remaining one hundred and eighty dollars from last night. She was also now wearing sweatpants and slippers.

"Okay, like, I'll take this money and buy us something to wear okay? Then we can go down to the strip club"
"Hanna, wait, I..." Matthew tried to protest.
"Don't worry, I'll get something to support your big boobies. I'm guessing a J-cup for you. Okay, I'll be right back! Oh, don't forget to, like, give yourself a new name." Hanna quickly said and moved toward the front door.
"Hanna, wait, don't..."

Hanna walked out and closed the door.


Matthew stood silently for a few minutes. Now by himself, he looked down at his new Japanese female body. He couldn't grasp his giant breasts entirely to save his life. The new weight was putting an intense pain in his back. With his breasts bouncing in every direction, Matthew walked back to his bedroom. He was surprised he could walk at all with the wrecking balls he had on his chest. Deciding to relieve his back pain Matthew lied down on his bed, the breasts now weighing him down on the mattress. He thought about how he was going to get out of this problem he was in with his friend. They'd get through this just like any other trouble in their lives. Matthew knew they would.

Matthew tilted his head up to stare at his boobs. It had taken forever to stand up before. He wondered how long it would take the next time. His thoughts drifted to what he had seen Hanna doing. He couldn't believe she would suck someone's dick like that. The whole time he watched he felt horrified and even a little...aroused. He felt an unfamiliar sensation coming from his crotch. Matthew didn't want to believe it. He felt horny, his new vagina needing attention. If he was about to do what he thought he was, he didn't want to do such an unfamilar thing under the name of Matthew. His hands went into his boxers as he reached closer to his crotch. He thought of a new name for himself, something fitting for his new appearance.

As soon as she decided her new name, Miho slid her fingers up her vagina and began to rub with one hand as she extended her pussy lips with the other. She began to feel shocking new sensations unlike any she had felt before. She rubbed faster as she began to moan. She brought her left hand up to one of her breasts and squeezed all the flesh she was able to grab. Her right hand had continued to stimulate her lower half. Miho slid her fingers in and out as fast as she could the moment she felt more pleasure coming from her vagina. Her moans grew louder, fully taking in the new sexual ectasy she felt. She was nearly able to slide in her whole hand as it got covered in her pussy juices. Miho continued to knead her breast as well. Her eyes had been closed but now they were wide open. She felt it. Miho moaned loudly as she felt her first female orgasm.

Breathing heavy, Miho turned her head to the left and saw her alarm clock. She shocked to two hours had gone by. She had no idea she was masturbating that long. Hearing the front door open, Miho slid out of bed slowly and walked out of her room. She was met by the sight of a completely differnt looking Hanna. She was wearing a bright pink halter top that generously showed the cleavage of her big boobs, a short denim mini skirt with a pink thong sticking out over her hips, and pink four inch pumps. Her hair and face had been styled and made up as well.

"Guess what? They was a sale at the mall! I can't believe how much I was able to buy!"
"Hanna? Is that you?" asked Miho is disbelief.
"Of course it is, silly!"
"What happen to you?"
"I don't know. Like, I wanted to buy something plain but I, like, couldn't stop thinking how totally hot I was and needed to wear something to flaunt what I got."
"You rearry are bimbo now."
"Tell me about it."
"Are we going to srip crub now to try and change back?"
"Not until you get dressed, Matt."
"My name Miho now Hanna."
"Oh, you chose your new name! Okay, Miho, take this bag and put on what I bought you. I'll even help you with your hair and makeup. I learned a few things from a stylist." Hanna ended with a giggle.
"Terrific." Miho said unethusiastic. She couldn't wait to get out of this body.


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