More Formspring plus an update

Two more responses to Formspring questions. But first, let me mention that I write captions when inspiration hits me and when I have the right image to use. I have a few requests I haven't gotten around to yet and I also owe captions to the people who have made me captions on (that is why I've been constantly mentioning that site with certain captions, for those that don't know about the caption trading on that site). I also have a few of my own works to make continuations to that I haven't made in a while.

I do my best to get these requests done and the only reason I haven't stopped accepting them is because the ones I have been asked to do have lead to some nice captions. I'm also kind enough not to refuse the requests I can work from. So if you have asked me to do something through Formspring and I have agreed to go with the idea, I am sorry I have not gotten around to making it yet. That goes for the next two Formspring questions as well. I will do my best to work on things as quick as possible.


Could you please do more anime caps a i love the idea and if its not to much trouble anime tg sequence caps thank you

I will try to do that. I've been meaning to do some more anime captions and I'm sorry I haven't gained inspiration from any as of late.

As the guy who asked for the prego lesbian cap, let me say that it's fantastic! Hope you do more preg caps soon!

Glad you liked it. I hope I find good pictures for more pregnant captions.


Keep in mind I have real life to deal with also and that I write all this stuff in secret.