Formspring question and request as well as small update.

Before I get to the Formspring questions I want to mention quickly that I'm still having a bad case of writer's block with Vegeance1701's request multiple part caption, which is about halfway done and I am attempting to write the next part of jwargod's request story Best Friends Forever.

Onto the Formspring questions. When not a request, I try to answer questions as best as I can based on what the question is.


Can I change?

Change how you act as a person? Maybe, based on the kind of person you are. Change as in transforming your body? Only if fiction can become real.

Can you do a Mother/Son caption/story? p.s love your work i love the length and descriptive stories of the captions.

Thanks for the compliments on my writing. I can try to do a mother/son caption. I haven't done one in a while.


If I get these requests done fast enough maybe I can work on some other stuff I've been meaning to do.