Been Busy Lately

I've haven't been able to work on captions lately since I've been busy with life. I'm not sure if I will be able to get some captions done this weekend, but I will see if I am able to.

For another update, I'd like to apologize for not paying attention to Formspring as much as I should. There has been a number of people mentioning that my captions can't be read since Google desn't allow the images to be viewed in full. I addressed this issue in a previous post though, but I'll mention it again.

Yes, left clicking can enlarge the image, but if you still can't read the text then you need to right click instead on your mouse and then select to open the image in a new tab or a new window.

Another thing I'd like to apologize for is not getting around to making captions from the ideas people have asked for through Formspring. I've only been able to focus on making captions for the people I owe to on I would like to try to work on some requests captions, but since I haven't been able to the messages have piled up and I feel a bit overwhelmed.

Whatever the case, I will see if I'm able to make something over this weekend. If I don't then something has prevented me.