Answered Formspring question and things about requests, etc.

Hey sp2000. Good job so far with your captions! I think they're really great and I hope you keep it up! Anyways, when you get a second, could you please make another Possession-tagged caption? Thank you!

I could do a possession caption.


Now that that has been answered, there is a few things I'd like to mention. First off, I would like to thank all of those who have enjoyed my captions and further thank all the people who have contacted me in some form expressing how much they have enjoyed my captions. I never thought my writing would be liked so much since I know there are others out there who have better captions than I do, but that's just me not giving myself enough credit. I certainly don't put the best design in my captions, but that is due to the lack of better editing software.

Moving on to the situation with requests. For those who have requested me to make a caption or story and noticed I haven't gotton around to making it yet, I am sorry for that. I still need to finish the current story for jwargod and the user Vengeance1701 from asked me to do something long before the other requests I have already done. I try my best to get a chance to work on these, but some just end up quicker to do than others. Plus I have other matters to deal with in my life. So if I take too long to make any requests, I am sorry. I also have some of my own things I need to write continuations to.

I don't want to discourage anyone from requesting me to make certain captions. The ones I've posted have turned out very well and I don't think I would have ever made them if I wasn't given the idea/inspiration for them. I think for now things need to slow down so I can work things out.

Once again, thank you all for enjoying my captions and stories.